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While strengthening our collaboration with the MSP Faidherbe in its daily action with Parisians and all French people, we will be its armed arm on an international scale.

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The Guinea Bissau International Health Center

Worldwide, a woman dies every 2 minutes from complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

The poorest countries are the most affected.

99% of maternal deaths occur in the most remote regions.

98% of deaths can be avoided by simple and inexpensive measures.

Guinea Bissau is one of the poorest countries in the world with an average life expectancy of 58 years and a mortality rate of 15.7 per 1000 inhabitants and 0.63 doctors pour 10,000 inhabitants.

Our first action will be provide 4 ultrasound scanners to bush doctors in 2022Then in 2023 we will open an International Health Center in the capital. This will be the nerve center of ASSD in Guinea Bissau.


By way of comparison, in Switzerland there would be around 214 qualified health professionals, including around 41 doctors, per  10,000 inhabitants.


The desire to create a center like the Maison de Santé Pluriprofessionnelle Faidherbe (MSPF) seemed obvious to us.

The Guinea-Bissau International Health Center will be our pilot institution in West Africa, this center will be composed of practitioners from several  health sectors (doctors, nurses, specialists) who will have a primary care activity (or primary care) without accommodation.


This center will be a humanitarian structure which models its health policy on the French concept of  Maison de Santé Pluriprofessionnelle.


The particularity of this establishment will be its interconnection with the French team of the Maison de Santé Pluriprofessionnelle Faidherbe, Parisian Territorial Health Organization, known for its innovations in Unscheduled Care, Outpatient Care and e-health.

The MSPF has responded, for more than 10 years, to  numerous calls for projects from the French government. The MSPF was notably called by the ARS and put on the front line in Paris, against the Covid 19 crisis in 2020. 

The International Health Center will be a point of support for remote health structures such as bush clinics. The equipment, the essential drugs will be transported by drones.

Our partners must be ready to engage in a collective adventure with the MSP Faidherbe within our structures. 


Project feasibility

Our health project is based on the territorial health diagnosis issued by the World Health Organization. This health project aims to ensure consistency between our ambition and the needs of the territory of West Africa in general, and of Guinea-Bissau in particular, where we wish to set up our pilot center which could duplicate over the whole area of the Economic Community of West African States.

With the support of the MSPF made up of more than 30 PDS including many specialists and a large network of experts, we will be sure to have the right support. This will allow Guinea Bissau to have greater autonomy in the field of health in a few years.

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Work for all, income for all, peace for all, but first of all accessibility to care and health for all!

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